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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Short quiz on House of night characters

Which most describes your personality(note that a,d and e are boys and the rest are girls):
a) I love archery or at least I want to try it out one day
b) If I was given an affinity between water, earth and fire I would choose earth.
c) I have a cool mom who was totally changed into the worst by my step dad that I call step-loser
d) I am/destined to be a tracker but because of that I have to give up my acting Career
e) I love football

If you chose A then you are. . . James Stark a boy who prefers
 to be called Stark and is a transfer from Chicago house of night. 
He is the achery champion of all vamps.

Erik Night - house-of-night-series photo

stevie ray johnson - house-of-night-series photo
 If you chose B you are Stevie Ray who is a down to earth cowgirl and is best friends with Zoey.

If you chose c you are Zoey Redbird who has the affinity for water, fire, earth and spirit.

Zoe Redbird

If you are d then you are Eric Night a young newly vamp who enjoys his gift  acting but his career is ruined when he is gifted with a new thing. . . a tracker. (he was also Z's boyfriend)
Erik Night
If you chose e then you are hot Heath who loves playing football and who is human and is consort  to Zoey . He doesn't mind cause he loves her and she loves him but their love is short-lived when Kalona a winged immortal kills him.
heath luck - house-of-night-series photo

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